FAQ Frequently Asked Questions .


1. What the 3 main goals of All Time Car Rentals?
  The 3 main goals of Moroccocars are:

Excellent prices
Excellence in service, and
Excellence in commitment & Customer Satisfaction
2. What are the requirements in order to rent a car from Moroccocars?
  The minimum age is 23 for regular cars, 21 for trucks, and 25 for exotic vehicles.
3. What kind of services does Moroccocars provide?
  Moroccocars provides an airport service (pick up and drop up from the air port can be arranged). Moroccocars also has a 24 hour pick up and drop off service.
4. What steps are to be followed if you meet with a collision while in a rental car from Moroccocars Rental?
  In Case of a collision the following steps are to be followed:
Report the collision to the police.
Call the nearest location of Moroccocars Rental within 24 hours of the collision and report it.
5. In the case of canceling a rental reservation at Moroccocars, what steps must be followed?
  In the case of canceling a rental reservation at Moroccocars, one should first inform the nearest by Moroccocars office, 72 hours before the reserved date. Second, one should keep reservation number ready to avoid hassle.
6. If you have a complaint, where should you report it?
  If you have any complaint about the performance of Moroccocars, you can contact our customer services department by writing to Complaints, Moroccocars Agadir : Bloc D n° 284 Al Houda CP 8000 Agadir/Morocco or by email rent@Moroccocars.net



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